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International Student Fellowship at Lindenwood

International Student Fellowship (ISF) is a student organization which celebrates and supports the unique diversity of the Lindenwood University student body. The core of this group is the international student population, but it draws its vitality and energy from everyone open to growing with us, including local community members. At ISF you can make friends and be a friend so your stay in the U.S.A. is fun, meaningful and connected.

We believe that the college years are the perfect time to research and consider new ideas both inside and outside the classroom, resulting in informed life decisions. We encourage our members to engage in multi-generational, multi-cultural dialogue to broaden their view of the world and to sharpen their worldviews.

We respect and invite people of all nations and faiths to participate in our activities. We live, laugh and love life together. ISF is the Lindenwood University chapter of International Students, Inc., an organization dedicated to sharing Christ’s love with international students since 1953.

For more information, please contact Mary Ann Vest or Ava Schaeffer.